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Mum Blogging Etiquette

Nov 28

Mums, or mothers, can be found in nearly every walk of life. They come from all income brackets and educational backgrounds. Some mums work and some stay home with their children. Mums work two jobs, manage large households while working full-time, raise livestock on a farm or grow an organic garden in the backyard. Some mums even become famous musicians, actors and politicians.

Mumsbloggers, or mothers blogging (or sometimes mommying), tend to come from more stable backgrounds with wider ranges of experience in the blogosphere. Mums who blog are just that, moms–real parents that blog about their children in an effort to share family life through the written word.

Not all mothers succeed in creating a blog, however. Many do not have the time to post a blog, much less write a book. Others have difficult personalities that stand in the way of their successful blogging habit.

If you are a blogger or mother like the person behind mommyadventures, then you must have noticed that many mothers have different blogging etiquette. In this blog post, I will give you some tips on how to keep your mum status as a mum as well as how to be a well-behaved blogger so that you can also be successful.

First, you need to ask yourself: What is my blogging purpose? If you blog solely to gain fame and fortune then you need to accept that it might not happen. This is because there are other mums out there that have more experience than you and who have been at blogging for years.

These women have readers that will not leave them just because they move on to another blog. If you want to be rich and famous through blogging, then first make sure your blog will be successful first. Then you can start to think about fame and fortune as a bonus.

So what do you want to achieve with your blog? Do you want people to think you are very knowledgeable? Do you want an audience that will not leave your blog for something new and interesting?

Do you want people to connect with you with your blog? Regardless of what is important for your blogging purposes, this is how you should behave:  Write quality content. Provide quality information and help with questions.

Read your posts (hopefully, this is done by other users to make sure you are not plagiarizing content). Provide regular content. If you are not giving regular contentful posts, your blog will be boring for readers and you will not get regular visitors.

Next, ask yourself: What type of person I am? I think that everyone has their own mom character. Some people are very friendly and talkative in real life; others are shy and in the cover of their blog. What type of personality do you have? Is it best to be timid or kind?

 Are you a person who is small-talkful, quiet and shy about your posts, thinking that writing is all there is to blogging? Are you bubbly and talkative, constantly coming up with ideas for posts that are interesting to your readers? Is your personality more dynamic or relaxed? Are you someone that tends to be hard-working, responsible and loyal to your family in real life but write constantly about how lazy you are when blogging?




Last Words

If you are a mum who blogs, you should be well-rounded in everything that makes you well-rounded in real life. You don't want to come across as someone that is only good at blogging because then people will think that all your life revolves around your blog. Be less talkative online, be more patient and persistent with the audience that visits your blog. Don't be shy about asking questions to other users or leaving comments for other users.