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Modern Wood Carving

Aug 29

Contemporary wood carving is an art practice that has been in existence for a long time. This style of carving wood has always been an integral part of the furniture industry. Artists like Hap Sakwa, Ambass Austria, or Andrianna shamaris are among today's most famous wood carvers.

Aron Demetz

Aron Demetz's wood carving style blends traditional techniques with modern materials to create art pieces that possess an ethereal physical appearance. His work incorporates three techniques including carving, burning and covering with resin to create a reinterpretation and interpretation of the material's essence and appearance. His work features human characters with strong moral and existential values. Their bodies and faces appear to have been purified.

In this exhibition, the artist traces his entire research career. His sculptures range from realistic human figures, to small bozzetti that show the artist's process of creation. The artist was born in Val Gardena and chose wood sculpture to be his medium. Through his work, he explores the potential of wood as a material.

Michael Pacher

Michael Pacher is an Austrian artist who works with the art of carving wood and painting. His entire life was in the South Tyrol region. His woodwork is an ideal illustration of the German Gothic style. His paintings reflect the spirit of the Italian Renaissance. His paintings were among the first to introduced artists from Germany to the techniques of Renaissance art. The St Wolfgang Altarpiece, which is among the largest altarpieces in all of European art, is his most famous work.

The wood sculpture of Pacher shows the influence of the northern Italian sculpture and painting. It has many resemblances with Andrea Mantegna. Pacher's fusion of Italian Renaissance styles with Northern Gothic Realism However, it helped him develop a style of painting that's distinctly his own.

Jorg Zurn

Jorg Zurn's life-sized wooden sculpture of Archangel Mike was purchased for $250,000 in New York at an art exhibition in 2002. Hans Zurn, the Elder was the artist's eldest child. Jorg Zurn apprenticed to his father, and was also educated in various workshops in southern Bavaria.

Zurn was a German Baroque artist who carved altars as well as other items of the church. One of his masterpieces is the five-storey High Altar of the Virgin Mary that is situated in the Church of Saint Nicholas in Uberlingen. The altar's sculptural style borrows elements of the early Baroque but is a dynamic arrangement that is similar with German Gothic sculpture.

Veit Stoss

Veit Stoss was an internationally well-known woodcarver with a prestigious reputation. A large portion of his customers were from Europe, including Portugal as well as Italy. His sculptures included huge carvings of figures as well as scenes from the lives of Christ and Mary. These works express the fervor of the late Gothic culture. Giorgio Vasari described his work as 'a wonder in wood.'

Veit Stoss's boxwood figure shows a similarity to other masterpieces. It was created shortly following the Cracow Crucifix. It could have been carved prior to, or after the corpora of Nuremberg. The complex design and intricate technique of sculpturing make it a fascinating object to examine.

Veit Stoss’s Crucifixes are a rare kind of representation. They merge naturalistic observation with mannered exaggeration. There are some scholars who have suggested that Stoss learned to cut athletic anatomy in Cracow and possibly observed doctors performing dissections.

Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth is one the most influential artists of her time. During the 1930s, she resided in a small home in St Ives with her friends. While she struggled to make carvings, she continued to work on her drawings at night. These drawings were a way for her to express ideas that she could not express in three dimensions. The drawings were influenced by strings-like elements and colours, and sought to make mathematical harmony.

Her fascination as a child with forms and textures found in nature inspired her work. Her love of landscapes informed her work in later years. In 1943, she wrote that her sculpture was the result of the landscape. Also dissatisfied by flat backgrounds, she photographed her artworks in the natural surroundings.

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