30 Methods To Make Cash On-line

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The online world offers many opportunities, especially when it comes to making extra money. Here are 30 ways to make money online:

  1. Make Money Online Surfing the Internet
  2. Cashback sites to make money online
  3. Make Money Online Using Social Media
  4. Make money with online courses
  5. Sell ​​your stuff
  6. Online jobs to make money
  7. Make money online by investing
  8. More tips on making money

Make money online by browsing the internet

We all surf the internet almost every day, but you can actually get paid to do it. Here's how:

1. Surf the Internet

Ipsos is a world-renowned consumer research company. Just download the Ipsos Iris app to start making money. You need to take a short 5 minute survey before the app will activate. And that's it.

You will receive a bonus of € 10 just for downloading the app – and then every month up to € 10 per month. Without changing anything in your day, you can make up to £ 130 a year!

2. Online surveys

Completing online surveys can be an easy way to make more than £ 50 a month. However, this is not always easy. Check out our article that explains the pros and cons of online surveys.

3. Check things out

You can also get paid to check things out online. Companies send you items to try – and you can keep the item and receive payment for your review.

User Testing pays you to test and review websites – something that is always in demand!

4. Mystery shoppers

Test shoppers are paid to pose as real customers and review a company's products or services. This is a great way to make extra cash in your free time.

You can register as a mystery shopper on such websites.

5. Watch videos

Sounds easy right? Well it is. Sites like Swagbucks pay you to watch videos.

You earn points by watching videos which can then be redeemed for coupons for companies like Amazon and Paypal.

6. Competitions

It is not guaranteed to make money or get free stuff from it. However, entering competitions is quick and easy, and you can win some great prizes. Remember to have a separate contest email address – otherwise you could be inundated with lots of spam emails!

Check out some of Money Magpie's contests here.

Cashback sites to make money online

These are websites that are essentially giving you money back to do your online shopping through their website.

7. Quidco and Top Cashback

Two popular cashback sites are Quidco and Top Cashback.

Not only do you get money back when you shop with them, but they also offer referral bonuses. Both sites currently offer a bonus of £ 25 for each referral.

Make money online through social media

Spending hours scrolling aimlessly through social media can make that time more productive and make money from it.

8. Become an influencer

This takes some dedication and doesn't get you into thousands right away. However, if you have a social media following of over 1000, you can classify yourself as a micro-influencer. From here, you can reach out to brands to work on partnerships. Not all brands will pay you for it, but you should at least get some free samples.

As your fan base grows and you establish yourself, brands may reach out to you directly and offer a bigger payment.

9. YouTube

Similar to Instagram, you can make money building a fan base by working with brands and promoting products.
You also have the opportunity to make money from advertising revenue. You can qualify for this if you have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of observation in a single year.

10. TikTok advisor

The latest social media trend that is taking us all by storm is TikTok. Many influencers and brands are still struggling to take care of it and get the most of it.

This is where you come in – if you are a TikTok wizard. You can use your services as a TikTok advisor and help people grow their accounts.

11. Twitch streaming

Players can make money by streaming their games on sites like Twitch. Essentially, you get paid to play video games. What is not to love

You make money by subscribing to your channel. The amount paid by your subscribers is split 50% between you and Twitch.

12. Start a blog

This will take some work. However, if you enjoy writing, building a website, or just have a passion for a subject, this can prove to be very lucrative.
You can make money blogging by creating sponsored posts and generating advertising revenue. It can be helpful to build a following before reaching out to brands for sponsored opportunities.

Make money online by taking courses

Use your existing qualifications and skills to make money online. Tutoring, selling e-books, and taking your own course can be great ways to help others while making money.

13. Tutor

Online tutoring is a great way to make extra money, and very flexible. You can set the lesson times yourself and work according to your own schedule.

You can either set it up yourself or join a site like My Tutor. Most websites expect you to have relevant qualifications – like GCSEs and A-Levels – in the subjects you want to teach.

Another option is to teach English as a Foreign Language.

14. Sell e-books

Do you have expert knowledge on a specific topic? From social media tips to ancient history, an e-book will be in demand about it.
You can write, design and sell your own e-book online.

15. Start your own course

If you think you have more to share than can fit in an e-book, then you can do an entire course. These are relatively easy to set up online and can be sold to anyone interested.

16. Translate

You have to speak more than one language to work as a translator. However, if you are bilingual, you will find a lot of work translating documents.

Another option is to be a sign language interpreter. Some webinars and courses require interpreters to facilitate access to their content.

Sell ​​things to make money online

Make money selling things online

Selling things is one of the easiest ways to make money online. But don't worry if you don't have a lot of things lying around that you don't use. There are many other ways to make money selling things.

17. Sell your things

Do you have old clothes in the back of your closet that you never wear? Or maybe books that you don't read or need for courses that you have now completed? Instead of letting them gather dust, get some cash for them instead.

Sites like Depop are great for selling clothes, while eBay and Facebook Marketplace are great for selling anything and everything – from books to wardrobes.

18. Sell products that you create

If you are creative there are some products you can sell that you make yourself.

Popular options include handmade jewelry, candles, and drawings. You can also design and make novel face masks since we all need them right now!

People always enjoy buying bespoke products from small, independent brands so you can probably find a market for them.

19. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is when you start an online business and sell products to buyers without ever storing the items yourself. When a dropshipping store sells a product, they instead buy the item from a third party – usually a wholesaler or manufacturer – and have it shipped directly to the customer.

This will reduce your risk as you will not be left out of your pocket when buying lots of unsold stocks.

20. Sell pictures

If you have a knack for the best shots, you can make money selling your pictures or videos online.
Many sites like Getty Images and Shutterstock pay you for your images.

Online jobs to make money

There are many part-time jobs that you can do online to make extra cash. Here are a few examples.

21. Shepper

Shepper is a service for businesses across the UK that reviews their marketing, retail and even rental properties to make sure everything is running smoothly.

In essence, you accept tasks to be done. You will then be given a checklist to make sure you complete everything. This can be as simple as checking that a property is empty or doing multiple checks at the same time.

An assignment pays between £ 2 and £ 20. According to Shepper, you can expect to make around 10 euros for a 45 minute assignment – that is, you can make 100 euros in a day!

22. Copywriting

Content is the key. Any business with an online presence needs an endless stream of content to post. This is where you come in. As a copywriter, you write materials that a company can use on its website, social media channels and in email correspondence.

23. Web development and social media help

This one is for techies. Small businesses are always looking for help setting up their websites and social media channels. You can set up a website for them for a fee.

24. Virtual assistant

If you are organized this is the job for you. As a virtual assistant, you are responsible for booking appointments, scheduling meetings, organizing calendars, and other similar tasks.

You can either apply for a position with a person or company, or encourage people to hire you hourly if they need additional assistance.

25. Virtual nanny

A bit of an unusual role, but popular right now when parents are juggling at home and working from home.
Childcare.co.uk places virtual nannies with families to remotely supervise children.

26. Freelance websites

These can be ideal for taking on odd jobs. Sites like Fiverr and Upwork have thousands of freelance jobs.

Setting up a profile is free and you can apply for roles once you've been approved.

27. Simple online tasks

There are websites that pay you to do simple online work – everything from photos to what you think about a product or an idea.
One website that you can easily get started on is Mobeye. You can choose tasks, complete them, and then get paid.

Make money investing online

Investing doesn't mean you have to make money – your money is at risk. However, it is possible to make money investing online.

28. Invest

Getting started with investing can be a daunting task. If you are not sure, it may be worth seeking professional advice.

Some apps, such as B. Trading 212, make investing more accessible and can help you get started.

29. Plum

Plum is more focused on saving than investing, but it can also help make money.

The app runs savings challenges that can help you save more money every month. They also regularly offer referral bonuses where you can get £ 25 just to get a friend to sign up too.

30. Matched bets

Again, there is no guarantee that you will make money from matched betting, but you can make money from it online.
If you are interested in matched betting, you should check out Money Magpie's e-book on the subject.

More tips on making money

If these ideas make you want more when looking to make money online and elsewhere, try these articles to keep your coffers firmer!

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