Easy methods to Use Tiktok for Advertising Your Weblog

TikTok feels like a trend that is about to die out, especially when people find the next distraction.

But let's be honest – there are over 500 million monthly active users of the platform worldwide. That's a huge reach for a social media platform other than Facebook.

Whether you love or hate TikTok, its immense popularity cannot be denied. And instead of avoiding it, you have to use it to your advantage!

In this post, I'm going to walk you through different ways that you can use it to promote your blog.

See how your competitors are using Tiktok

If you are brand new to the platform, the best way to get your feet wet is to experiment with it. Check out the most watched videos from top brands and stuff your family and friends have shared on the platform.

Finally, however, you need to review how your competitors are doing it. You want to learn how your direct competitors are promoting their blog and brand.

From here, you can get a general idea of ​​how to market your products. You can share the same videos that you are making, but make it your own taste so your audience can easily distinguish it from the rest.

Better yet, do something other people haven't done before. After reviewing what your competitors have shared, check out other non-competing brands on how they are generating more followers on TikTok. If you think outside the box, you can grow your growth exponentially.

Deliver great content

TikTok is all about personality. People like to watch videos of users who raise their personality to 11.

Hence, your content should show who you are and what you represent. Be as interesting as you can to entertain people and provide them with an escape from what is going on around them.

At the same time, make sure that the videos you share are of premium production quality. It doesn't matter how good the actual content is – people won't see it if it has bad audio or bad camera.

This means that you need to invest in a camera phone that produces good quality sound and video. That way, you don't have to over-edit your videos as the pre-produced video is good enough.

Another thing to consider when creating videos is the sound. Because here's the thing: don't force your TikTok videos to be funny.

While the most viral videos are usually funny, you don't have to do these types of videos just because a lot of people will enjoy them. Always think about your blog and what it represents. From there, create content that aligns with everything it stands for.

Finally, consider joining and creating hashtag challenges on the platform. It does this when you or someone creates a video with a branded hashtag. If people like the video, they can recreate it and share it with their followers using the same hashtag.

For starters, it's good to tackle some of the trending hashtag challenges to get some initial visibility. But when you've exhausted the challenges, try creating your own!

Rub shoulders with influencers

The best way to market your blog and brand is to get help from people with thousands of followers than yours.

Influencer Marketing has become one of the most profitable and sought-after services on all social media platforms. The ability of these influencers to move followers to the decision they should make can help make your blog more popular and accessible.

There aren't many TikTok influencers yet compared to those on Instagram. Still, as a newer platform, it's great to at least try to reach people with sizeable audiences that match your brand.

For beginners, influencers demand compensation for the video they make with you. If they don't accept anything other than cash payments, you'll need to run their username on the TikTok money calculator to at least get an idea of ​​how much you should be paying them.

Brainstorm ideas on how to feature your blog or brand in their videos. If the videos they produce interest your audience, this part shouldn't be a huge problem.


With TikTok for Business, you can reach your audience faster and more efficiently than the ideas above. The launched ad platform includes infeed-native content, branded lenses (similar to Snapchat 2D and 3D lenses), brand takeovers and hashtag challenges.

The great thing about online ads is their scalability. You can set a specific limit for your campaign and analyze the results first before optimizing and restarting based on the data.

Showing ads can be costly if you don't know what you're doing. I suggest going this route in promoting your blog if you have a sizeable fan base and want to improve your marketing campaign.

Do you have any ideas on how to use TikTok to market your blog? Share them in the comments below!

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